Tim Dyson, Principal of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

Tim Dyson, Principal of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment

Training with The Emerald Heart

Over the years, Guidance has unfolded the most wonderful Stepping Stones approach to training, which allows you to enter the world of these amazing frequencies of light in very simple to learn and experience levels. You can then progress to the next level as you get used to holding and becoming the light. Below is the natural Stepping Stones process.

  • Training as a Healer in The Emerald Heart - Divine Plan - Healing System
  • Training to Host Gatherings where the light is seeded through you
  • Stepping Stones I - Essence Practitioner Course
  • Stepping Stones II - Program Practitioner Course

The Divine Plan Healing System

This is the most wonderful and simple healing system you could ever learn. Why would God make things difficult? He wouldn’t. It is humans who make things difficult.

The - Divine Plan - Healing System was gifted directly through Lynne Shaw, one of The Elders of The Emerald Heart. As with all things that come from Guidance, it is simple and a common sense approach, consisting of The Seven Heavenly Steps.

Training to Host Gatherings

What is an Emerald Heart Gathering? It is simply a gathering of like-minded people within the Spiritual Light of the Emerald Heart.

Who can Host a Gathering?

  • Almost anyone who truly has a desire to walk a deep and meaningful Spiritual Path
  • It is for those of us who have a true desire to work with the Light and hold it in a Sacred
    Space for others to bathe within
  • It is for those of us who desire to help ourselves and others to evolve

Training as an Essence Practitioner

Once you are ready to enter this phase of training, you should be working professionally in some healing or related spiritual field with existing clients. There is no point in training at this level unless you are ready to take The Emerald Heart Light out into the world to help transform the consciousness and lives of others through the use of the Essences.

Guidance gave us the Essences and calls them The Keys of Transformation, and truly that is what they are. Universal Consciousness works through the essences in an extremely powerful and deep seeking way, to reach the parts of consciousness that truly need to change.

Training as a Program Practitioner

When you have worked successfully as an Essence Practitioner for some time, then you will be invited to train as a Program Practitioner. This next level continues to unlock your consciousness with each Program that you produce for others. The increase in power that the Universe pushes through you is palpable and you will find that the changes you can bring to the lives of others moves into a completely different realm.

At the same time, your own evolution continues to be pushed as the increased amounts of light passing through you open your heart even further.


Other than for the - Divine Plan - Healing System, which is simplicity itself, once you enter training for Hosting or Stepping Stones, you will work with a Mentor.

Your Mentor is absolutely essential, as once you begin working with the light at an evolutionary level, then the Universe will bring you many, many lessons through your clients as the light works with them. You will find yourself being faced with situations that you will need to find the answers to, and your Mentor, having already walked this path, will help you to understand the Universal lessons that are presented to you.

Your Mentor will also help to guide you in understanding inspirational teachings, guidance and introduce you to Advanced Evolutionary Concepts to uplift and empower you, so that in turn you can uplift and empower others, enhancing your own evolution at every level of training.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Are you ready to help others evolve?
  • Are you ready to work with the Universal Laws?
  • Are you ready to learn how to conduct the Universe?
  • Are you ready to attract the Universal Flow?
  • Are you ready to experience unlimited potential for ever expanding success?

If you can answer yes to the above, then you will be ready to truly begin to work with The Emerald Heart Light.


There are many levels at which you can experience The Emerald Heart Light, even before considering training, such as the following:

  • Reading the Teachings on the Blog at: www.emeraldheartlight.com
  • Attending an Emerald Heart Gathering
  • Attending a ‘Being in the Light’ session with David or an Elder
  • Working with the regular Guidance on the Blog
  • Working with the Essences (Keys of Transformation)
  • Working with a Practitioner to help move you forward
  • Attending a Spiritual Retreat and bathing in the Light

We will encourage you each step of the way to be a part of this evolutionary community and to enjoy your experiences with the Light.

You begin by connecting with the Teachings and Guidance in the Blog and progress through using the power tools, such as the Essences.

You may then wish to progress to training in the Divine Plan healing system and truly then begin to open yourself to the more powerful aspects of The Emerald Heart Light.

The next stage is to move beyond healing and into Evolutionary Light by training as an Essence Practitioner, and from there you will be invited to step up to Program Practitioner when your Mentor feels that you have achieved enough on your personal path of inner transformation.

Evolutionary Light

Evolutionary Light is very different to Healing Light and The Emerald Heart is an evolutionary light. It is linked to the unfolding speed of Universal Consciousness and therefore it continually changes and evolves. It constantly pushes you hard and fast in preparation for what is being offered by the Universe in this rapidly changing period of Ascension. As a result, cutting edge teachings are constantly being revealed and given through Guidance, helping all Emerald Heart Students and Practitioners to attain ever higher levels of ability

A Brief Note from Dave

“When I was a healer with a hugely successful practice, I never realised there was anything beyond that level. I was at the top of my game helping my clients to achieve amazing and transformational results. Then one morning, as I opened the front door of my Practice, my Guides asked me “Close the door and walk away.” Let go of everything that I had become; to leave healing behind.

I took that leap of faith and closed the door behind me. Three months later, in January 2005, they seeded to me the Light of The Emerald Heart as a reflection of having the courage to let go and walk away. As they taught me how to use it, I realised that healing was only the kindergarten where helping humanity towards enlightenment was concerned. The inner changes that I went through were incredible. The evolution of my consciousness never stopped for a moment and my heart continued to open like the petals of a flower. I had been given a Light that was unlimited, and within the illumination of this light I could see the limitations in everyone and everything. Once you know the limitations, you can work to go beyond them. There is nothing like The Emerald Heart on our planet at this time.”

  • Are you ready to let go and trust the light and the Universe?
  • Are you ready to leave behind everything you have previously been and learned?
  • Are you ready to unlock and receive your own hidden gifts and talents?
  • Are you ready to learn how to unlock the gifts and talents of others?
  • Are you ready to learn how to work with an unlimited Light?

It takes great courage to follow Guidance completely, but if you do, then you will achieve great things, as I have done. I would love to share my success with you.

David Ashworth Original Channel of The Emerald Heart

Contact Us about Training

You can contact any of The Elders or David about working with The Emerald Heart or training in any of the Stepping Stones approaches to working with light.