Jewellery, charged with Emerald Heart Light!

After searching for many years for something that would truly represent the Light that I have brought into this world, I finally found these stunning Emeralds.

When The Emerald Heart Light was given to me in January 2005, the image I was given, as the Light burst into my heart, was of a beautiful faceted Emerald Heart.

These jewels from Siberia, are that perfect representational image of The Emerald Heart Light as it was shown to me at the beginning of this path.

Our Emerald Gemstones are cultured, which means they are true gemstones, which have been cultivated in a gemstone laboratory.

The process ensures that gemstones have a more superior quality than the natural stones. They give us the highest light gathering power possible to hold and radiate The Emerald Heart Light. When you see them in sunlight, they are stunning with such a depth and clarity that needs to be seen to be believed.

They are set in solid 925 Sterling Silver and finished with a fine plate of Rhodium (sometimes called white gold) to prevent them tarnishing.

I hope you like them.

With Love and Blessings

3 Sizes including a Silver Chain

 7mm x 7mm              £45.00  inc. p&p

10mm x 10mm           £57.00  inc. p&p

12mm x 12mm           £96.00  inc. p&p


Feedback from a buyer:

Hi Dave

I am totally in love with the beautiful Emerald Heart which arrived this morning in time to wear on my Birthday. Thank you so much.

I can feel it working on my heart as I look into it and it radiates so much Light.  I can feel my heart responding to it also as I wear it.

I guess you could say It feels like a Heavenly hug and will become a best friend!

Birthday wishes on your amazing card of Light made my day too. 

Ps Having experienced wearing the Emerald Heart jewel today I am definitely interested in the earrings.

Paula x


Emerald Pendant 7×7 with chain              £45 inc. p&p  

Emerald Pendant 10×10 mm with chain   £57 inc. p&p  

Emerald Pendant 12×12 mm with chain   £96 inc. p&p