David Ashworth. Founder of the Emerald Heart School

David Ashworth.
Founder of the Emerald Heart School and original channel for the Emerald Heart Light.

About Dave Ashworth

David Ashworth is the original channel of The Emerald Heart Light.

Many people know of Dave and his work through television and radio appearances and his book Dancing with the Devil as You Channel in the Light. Many others know him by reputation through his highly successful practise or his talks, workshops and lectures on many aspects of Healing and Light Work, and others know him from personal experience of the life-changing energies he channels through his unique gifts and talents

Yet, Dave is also a low profile person, a very private person, beavering away with the Light and information he receives, learning how to use it, writing about it and sharing his knowledge so that others can benefit from his insights by being uplifted into the knowledge of how to use Spiritual Light successfully for evolution.

By working with his Guides, Dave has brought a continuous stream of new concepts to the world of Light Work. Some of the doors which have been opened through Dave, such as The Wheel of Light, are so advanced that there are not many people who are yet ready to connect at this level, but the important thing to note is that these structures are here now and waiting  to bring change on a very high level to humanity and the planet. Once the Universe puts these things in place, then it brings the people who are ready to work with them.

Gifts and Talents

Dave is a Mystic. A mystic is a person who can, not only see into deep consciousness, but also bring about change to that consciousness through the use of the dynamic forces of Heaven and Earth.

The Guides and energies Dave works with give him the ability to repair Energy Systems, bring about extremely deep Earth Healing and facilitate the evolution of the consciousness of people. When working with people, he can do this without even seeing you. But, with Earth Healing, he nearly always works on site.

Let’s now try to put this into perspective. There are Subtle Energy Systems and there is Consciousness. They are both very different.

Subtle Energy Systems

The Subtle Energy Systems of people are the aura and the chakra system. The Subtle Energy Systems of the Earth are the various forms of energy grids such as the Hartmann Net, the Curry Grid and the flowing energies that we call Ley Energies or Ley Lines. All of these are Subtle Energy Systems, not to be confused with consciousness.


The ability to see into consciousness is being able to go beyond Energy Systems. For example when one looks into the consciousness of a chakra, you go beyond the colours and shapes, and beyond the bits and pieces of detritus one often sees as heavy energy which can form blockages. When you look into the consciousness, you can see into thousands of different realms or levels of information, going ever deeper until you reach the soul.

When you can see beyond the aura you go into the structures which hold a person’s life between the forces of Heaven and Earth. These connections are called the Spiritual Channel and the Earth Link. When you can see into these, you can see how the Earth Mother feeds and nurtures you, bringing many different frequencies of Light which all provide you with some aspect of your consciousness which you need in order to be successful and prosper in life. You can see the spiritual Light feeding into your crown chakra, bringing guidance and inspiration from many areas, such as the Guided Realms, the Angelic and Arch Angelic Realms and beyond.

When working with the Earth itself, it is possible to go beyond the Energy Systems of Ley Lines and into the major flows of consciousness and touch into the true consciousness of The Goddess herself, who’s spirit lies at the very core of the earth.

When you can go beyond Energy Systems and into Consciousness, you can find the answers from the highest of sources to help bring about healing and evolution to Humanity and the Earth. Dave has the ability to touch many places between the gates of Heaven and the Core of the Earth.

How is this possible?

When you look into Energy Systems, you are looking at structures of spiritual light which perform what might be described as mechanical functions, just as a leg or an arm perform mechanical functions. When you go into deep consciousness you meet intelligence on a higher level. The innate intelligence within higher consciousness can show you what is out of balance and needs adjusting, either in a person’s life, or within the Earth. It can also tell you how to accomplish the changes needed. By bringing together the highest Light of both Heaven and Earth into the heart, you become a vessel for these forces to manifest change in a co-creative way through love.

A co-creator is someone who has the ability to be used by higher forces as a facilitator for change. For want of a better description, you become a co-creator by allowing Universal, or God consciousness to work through you.

When you work from love in your heart, other forms of consciousness will open to you. For example, the nature spirit kingdoms or the Earth Mother herself, or the higher-self or soul of a person. You cannot force the doors to other kingdoms, they will only open to you when the love in your heart is developed to a degree whereby those forms of consciousness feel safe to open in your presence, and when they know that you have developed to a point in your own evolution where you will not misuse the information given. If you can open yourself to a point where the light of heaven and earth can be seen in your heart, then all forms of consciousness can see the love within you and will open to you if it is appropriate to communicate.

So, when working with people, their highest consciousness, which is programmed to constantly evolve, will show the facilitator what holds back their evolution. With this information, the facilitator can mobilise forces which will then help the person through their blocks and into evolution.

History and Development of The Emerald Heart

Dave is the Original Channel of The Emerald Heart Light.

The Emerald Heart Light is a frequency of extremely high Spiritual Light which has been brought to Earth to help with the evolution of humanity and the planet.

The Emerald Heart has been seeded into earth through Dave by a group of Spirit Guides, which are known as The Guides.

Every aspect of The Emerald Heart is governed by The Guides through The Laws of The Emerald Heart which they have given us in order to teach us how to use this most amazing Light to uplift ourselves, others and the Earth itself.

Two Paths

There are two paths by which you can access The Emerald Heart for yourself.

  • At one level it is a Light which is here for everyone to benefit from through their own Spiritual Development and Evolution and you access it by working with Dave or one of the Emerald Heart Practitioners.
  • At the second level it is here for those of you who are already High Light Workers looking for the next step on your own journey, whilst at the same time being able to accomplish greater results with your clients.

Read the History below and then decide which path feels right for you.

A Little Bit of History

Dave has been developed by The Guides over many years in order to hold and carry this amazing Light. In the early days, The Guides would push the Light very hard in order to literally force Dave’s abilities to develop. It could be a tough time leaving him exhausted after a day’s work. The Light became so intense in healing sessions that it rendered both himself and his clients unconscious for over an hour at a time.

The Light eventually became too powerful for him to channel through his physical being any longer. His body became the limitation for the Light. The Guides then took David’s work to a new level where they developed a method of using this Light outside of his physical body, but using the medium of Vibrational Essences to carry the Light, rather than his own consciousness. This took the pressure off Dave and he can now manage and facilitate the Light without effort.

The Guides call this Light  the ‘Emerald Heart’, as that is what you see when connecting into it. The Guides facilitate and seed the Light into Earth through the unique make-up of Dave’s consciousness, and from there he can then connect it into anything and anyone. The Emerald Heart is consciousness itself and it seems to be unlimited in what it can bring to you as it opens your potential and illuminates the evolutionary lessons you must learn in order to transcend your present position in life. The Emerald Heart brings tremendous guidance to unlock the gifts and talents of others.

At the same time, The Guides have developed revolutionary working concepts and structures like the Essence Programs which have proved incredible in the way they utilise the Light to bring transformation. Dave never ceases to be amazed at what this energy can do. The most common comment received after anyone has been connected to The Emerald Heart is, “It has changed my whole life.” And, it can and does, even in just a few weeks, providing that you can rise to the challenge of what it shows you needs changing.

Pushing into Evolution

There is Healing and there is Evolution, they are both very different, yet the first is the pathway to the second. Working with energy as you learn and practice healing begins to open your energy system to higher Light and the more Light you can access and hold, the easier it becomes to move your vibration higher. However, as your vibration rises, so it begins to activate and pull up your deeper issues and fears and this is when you often have to work with someone at a higher level so that they can bring the necessary knowledge and power to move you through these barriers which otherwise hold you prisoner. Therefore true evolution demands a great deal of personal courage to begin to delve deep into the heart to find the truth within you which is ready to be seen. The transformation of your inner darkness into Light.

Dave is just one of a small number of people world-wide who has been opened to extremely high and amazing new energies to help bring True Evolution to human kind.

In this time of acceleration, those who are awakened and entering the Universal Flow will have no doubt that these are not only exciting times, but also difficult times by way of the challenges we must face and then overcome in order to ascend and truly evolve.

The Emerald Heart Light has been sent to help us rise above world turmoil with a new and powerful vision of what we can do for each other, and in consequence, for humanity and the planet as a whole, as we bring ever more of this amazing Light into Earth.


We have been given The Emerald Heart because amongst other things, it illuminates our lessons so that we can work upon, understand and transcend them. All those issues and fears that stop you from acting will not be taken as excuses when the judgement of this life comes. Karma will be meted out mercilessly for those who do not take responsibility. We are here to work through those fears which prevent our evolution.

The Emerald Heart is here now because it is now that we need to act. Humanity must ascend now, not at some time in the future; not when you’ve done a course, or learned something else first, but now. It is up to us to take responsibility for our own evolution so that we can take our rightful place in the grand scheme of things. If you hold yourself back then at some level you are responsible for holding back the evolution of the whole of humanity. This might sound a little grand to some of you, but look at it like this.

Ascendance into Light

Every photon of Light which you carry influences the lives of everyone who comes into contact with you. If you increase the Light within yourself, then two things happen. Firstly, you influence others at a higher level. This means that your Light penetrates them more deeply, and secondly, the Light which they receive from you then increases and amplifies their own Light, which in turn changes or evolves their consciousness.

When Light enters you, it is absorbed deep into each cell and into the DNA within the cell. In fact the Light can activate the DNA whereby it can then metamorphose to a point where it begins to transmit more of its own light. What you need to understand is that much of our consciousness is darkness, or original form. Original form remains this way until Light replaces or transforms it. As darkness is transformed into Light, you ascend, your vibration increases.

Therefore, as Spiritual Light touches you, it uplifts you, even if only by a tiny amount. If you then multiply all those tiny amounts worldwide, you get a planetary-wide shift in consciousness. A continual ascendance.  The more shifts we can achieve, the faster humanity will rise above its own Godless poverty. But, the responsibility for your own life resides with you. Only you can take responsibility for your evolution. When you are ready to do this, then you can find the ways and means to raise yourself up.

If you could see how powerfully this works, even through the Light contained within a few well chosen words of conversation from someone carrying more Light than you do, you would be astounded and amazed and it is often just through talking that the Light uplifts and empowers others. Simple, isn’t it?

Those who are awakened to a certain degree know our responsibility and we must push ourselves, even though we may have to work through some deep and dark places in our own consciousness. The Forces of Creation and The Guides are bringing the Emerald Heart Light for humanity to help us expose our deeper issues and expel them from our lives, thereby, lightening our energetic load and thus allowing our ascendance.

The Emerald Heart has arrived now because now is the time for humanity to begin working with it. It wouldn’t be here otherwise. Some people are ascending very quickly and they are looking for the vehicle which will take them to the next level. Not only will The Emerald Heart take you to the next level, but it is unlimited in where it can take you, unlike anything else which you may have experienced so far. There is only yourself who can limit you when working with The Emerald Heart.

The Universe is responding to the efforts we are making and the speed we are transforming by sending us The Emerald Heart. All we need to do is acknowledge to ourselves that we probably know less than we think we do, and then begin to be proactive in seeking paths to further our Spiritual Development and thus our Evolution. The Guides frequently say, “There is no time to waste,” and they really mean it. Everything is moving so fast that it is easy to be left behind and not even notice.

Are You Ready for the Emerald Heart Light?

Working with The Emerald Heart can be a challenging process. The Guides are hard task masters. Sometimes, they will push you until you almost break, and you won’t understand what this means until it happens to you. However, this Light is here for you now, so that you can learn how to  truly evolve.

David and the Satellites of The Emerald Heart, those who have been trained by him, are ready to help you develop from whatever your starting point.

This Light is here for those who have the courage to step onto this pathway of True Evolution and face their own inner challenges. Much is spoken about evolution but not many really understand the nature of it. It can be a difficult path. Dave and the Satellites have much experience of how to guide you successfully into your evolution and into the Light of The Emerald Heart, so that it can awaken you to the amazing potential within you.