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David Ashworth -
Founder of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment and original channel for the Emerald Heart Light.

The Keys of Transformation - 11 Ranges of Essences

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Wheel of Light Essences

Easter Monday 2004 and out of the blue three essences were given in as many minutes, birthing the Wheel of Light Essences into David's heart. Enlightenment, Awareness and Quickening. These will begin a serious acceleration...
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Sentinel Essences

May 2005. The Sentinels connect your heart to Heaven (Light) and Earth (Energy) bringing the Father and Mother together in your heart, creating you as a bridge between Heaven and Earth and resulting in a heart opening...
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Extreme Essences

August 2005.The Extreme Essences were given via an Oak Tree. They come as Negative Neutralisers and Positive Enhancers. They open the heart and and cleanse the emotions right back to the birth of time, clearing many ancient issues.
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Time and Space Essences

October 2008 to present. Time and Space Essences open the heart more deeply to help us access 5th dimensional reality. Entering 5th Dimension allows our inner vision to expand opening our perception into other realms.
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Flowers of Life Essences

These Essences were given during the darker months of the year and have interesting qualities concerning coming into the world and showing yourself.
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Elemental Angels Essences

The Angels of the Earth Realm, are the way Jesus taught us to Connect with the Earth Mother and the life force within everything that lives. Honouring and calling upon these Angels continually strengthens and reinforces your connection with the Earth Mother.
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Darshan Essences

The Darshan Blessing is like an injection of Light into your Heart. It goes deep and heals or opens things that need to change, so that you can see them.
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Emerald Heart Essences

In 2012, The Emerald Heart Essences began to come through and were a great connection into the cosmic ride of unfolding Universal Consciousness, connecting our hearts in to the Great Universal Game. The Guidance calls all...
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Rebirth Essences

2016 saw the first of the Rebirth Essences, as my heart began to give forth Darshan. A major opening in my consciousness, yet each essence has played a major part in my evolution and I am sure they will with you also
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Devic Essences

In 1999, Spirit Guidance sent David on a mission to connect with the Spirit of Nature in the Sacred Places in our landscape and thus were born the Devic Essences. These contain the creative power of the Earth Mother...
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Bach Flower Essences

The Emerald Heart Light Bach Flower Essences were created through Divine Inspiration. David was guided to seek the source of the meaning of the Bach Remedies from the perspective of Edward Bach and how he would interpret these today. Following guidance from the Emerald Heart Light, the creation of these Bach Flower Essences gestated for two years before they were ready for public use.
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